Thinking 'right' is not about 'correctly' or 'incorrectly', but more about 'inwardly' or 'outwardly'.

Knowing Your Employees

Managing a business organization today needs knowing your employees deeply. Not only from their skills perspective, but more so from their behaviour pattern. Their responses in critical instances can make things go from ‘bad’ to ‘non-existent’. For as Managers; we rely on them for their insight into the ‘truth’ of the matter at heart.

‘Truth is a pathless land’. An individual cannot find it through any organization, technical, philosophical or psychological technique.

He always finds it through the mirror of his relationships, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection. This is because, he has built in himself, vivid images of security – be it professional, religious, political or  personal.

These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominate his thinking, his relationships and his daily life. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from man; truth from reality. Hence knowing your employees is only possible when you know them ‘deep’ enough.

Once at a luncheon with our family and friends, the conversation was on the same topic and one of my friends related a joke about a Soviet astronaut. There was this Soviet astronaut, he said, who had gone to the moon and returned to Moscow. The astronaut was feted by the Soviet people and the final reception before his world tour was held in the Kremlin. The Kremlin reception rooms, with their high domes, expensive furniture, huge chandeliers and plush red carpets were packed to capacity.

The Soviet President, Brezhnev took the astronaut to a quiet corridor and asked: “Tell me, when you went up there, did you see God?”. The astronaut, looked around cautiously and replied in a whisper “Yes, I did.” Brezhnev said: “I thought as much, but make certain that you do not tell anybody else about this.”

The astronaut left on his world tour and he was given grand receptions in Europe and in the United States. The final reception of the world tour was in the Vatican in Rome. The reception rooms in the Vatican were also packed to capacity. The Pope invited the astronaut to a secluded corridor and asked: ” Tell me, when you went up there, did you see God?”

The astronaut looked around cautiously, and remembering Brezhnev’s command, replied: “No, I did not see God.” The Pope said: “I thought as much, but please do not tell anybody else about this.”

– Moral for the new-age Managers?

Knowing your employees ‘through their mind’, understanding their perceptions on security – be it professional, religious, political or  personal is the core to managing them . You will only then probably zero on their reliability factor!

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Milind Wagh

Milind has been providing P&L leadership to MNCs, mid-stage businesses and new ventures over the last two decades and is credited for nurturing great teams for driving new self-funded initiatives from portfolio of ideas. 'Think Inward' attempts to explore matters of the mind that spur individuals and teams in addressing challenging situations and markets. It advocates the need to 'Think Inward' within ourselves. An Organization is all about human behaviour at work. The people; their mind-sets; their motivation and their emotions determine the nature of their 'emotional hooks' in that organization. 'Think Inward' attempts to decode these hooks and understand human behaviour at work.

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