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Employees in organizations today, face a very peculiar problem. They seldom seem to think right in demanding situations. They are unable to match their materialistic craving with the demands of their organization for staying fiscally healthy so that their cravings can be eventually fed. This was the core of my theme of my blog – Think Inward

Thinking ‘right’ is not about ‘correctly’ or ‘incorrectly’, but more about ‘inwardly’ or ‘outwardly’. The problem with organisational thinking is that most of the times it thinks outward when it should actually be doing the opposite. ‘Thinking Inward’ is when we address issues that have meaning just to us. ‘Thinking Outward’ is when we address issues that seem to have meaning to others, but in fact we’re still looking in, because we don’t understand what’s important to others.

[pullquote]Business is more about people; their aspirations; their drive; their motivation and their emotions. Their performance and sense of accountability is the by-product of their strong emotional hooks in that organization. ‘Think Inward’ attempts to focus on and understand these ‘hooks’ to enable us to have a firmer knowledge and control on our business environment.[/pullquote]

The foundation of ‘Think Inward’ is to understand the context: the everyday reality of the learner. Not what we think it is, but rather what is actually is, and to understand that we need to gather issues, analyze critically, exchange thoughts, have conversations etc. As a team leader, I hate it when someone says “with this task at hand, they won’t respond to this additional critical issue”. We treat people as though they are in homogeneous groups, as if we can generalist behavior, without understanding their everyday reality and thinking inwardly.

‘Think Inward’ focuses on issues that are significant for the organisation, significant to support existing process, significant to justify our current position and has an impact on customers, learners, employees, individuals – the entire ecosystem of the business.

Having served over two decades as a business leader with specific focus on new initiatives in emerging & mid cap growth technology businesses in international markets, it was high time for me to pen down my experiences and perceptions accumulated during my exciting journey.

I sincerely feel that this attempt will help the aspiring next generation to get a valuable perspective in terms of evolving concepts and possibilities. Enjoy ‘Think Inward’ and god bless!

Milind Wagh



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